About DSI

A Brief History of Deep Sky Instruments

Deep Sky Instruments has been designing and building telescopes since 2006. Based on the unsurpassed optics of Star Instruments, DSI scopes are amoung the finest instruments available. Our product quality and affordable price make for a truly remarkable value.

Over this period, DSI honed its expertise in optical and mechanical design using the latest tools such as SolidWorks solid modeling and Zemax optical design software. While contracting most parts, in-house machining cabability was added for prototype and short-run production components. We have in-house optical testing and verification to insure final product quality. Custom corrective optics are also designed in-house specifically for our instruments as well as for our customers and other telescope manufacturers. We even go as far as to assist Star Instruments in software development for their computerized mirror polishing machines.

DSI: Chapter 2

The telescope market has changed a lot over the years. Where higher volumes made "value" scopes possible, now we focus more on "value added"; low-run, custom or special requirements instruments. Large, rugged, sealed, IR, ... you name it. There's still plenty of "value" but now we innovate more and turn the crank less.


While we are well known by most amateurs, we are mostly foreign to industry. Not so with RC Optical Systems. RCOS is well known by government contractors, institutions, the military and international entities. With their reputation for quality and a stockpile of proven designs under their belt, it was a natural fit. It would be truly sad for such a resource to wither on the vine. We're here to see that doesn't happen.

Products and Services

So, what can we do? In a word, anything that RC Optical Systems did... and more. Leveraging the diverse product line of RCOS, we can now respond to the market, not just offer standard products. The old designs are now available again, or modified per your requirements including derivative products. Call us with your requirements. Chances are we can provide exactly what you need.