Telescopes, Mounts and Accessories

We have the capability to provide RCOS based telescopes, telescope mounts and accessories in standard configurations or modified to your specifications. If you are not sure what you need, please call us for assistance.


We have experience building scopes from < 3" to > 30".

Please see the Telescopes page for details.

Telescope Mounts

Mounts range from equitorial to El/Az, low to high speed, standard to ruggedized, protected to all-weather.

Please see the Telescope Mounts page for details.

Telescope Accessories

We support our telescopes with a full range of manufactured and third party accessories. You can find all RCOS telescope accessories on the RCOS Telescope Accessories page. Additionally, DSI specific accessories are provided by valued third parties specifically for us. Please call for details.

Please note that when providing telescope accessories, our priority is to support our new telescope customers. We will make every effort to support legacy instrument owners as our schedule allows us. We know that it is not practical or even possible to have all legacy RCOS accessories immediately. We appologize for this ahead of time. New scope cusotmers that require specific accessories will always be given priority. Again, please call for details.

TrueRC Astrographs

We no longer offer the TrueRC™ line of Ritchey-Chrétien astrographs as a standard product. Please visit the TrueRC astrograph web page for the archive of our original "value" astrographs. We still make telescopes in these sizes but they are no longer volume produced and stocked items. They are custom ordered to your specification.