Products - Telescopes

Telescopes are made to your exact specifications and requirements. Please contact us for details.

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Special Requirements Telescopes

The following are special requirements telescopes.

3" Diamond Turned Nickel on Aluminum Telescope
9" Off-Axis Telescope Mirror

Tube Telescopes

Tube telescopes are low resin content 100% carbon fiber tubes for the best possible coefficient of thermal expansion characteristics.

10" Tube Telescope
12" Tube Telescope
14" Tube Telescope
16" Tube Telescope
20" Tube Telescope
24" Tube Telescope

Truss Telescopes

Truss telescopes are light weight and open for quick cool down and tube current elimination.

12" Truss Telescope
14" Truss Telescope
16" Truss Telescope
20" Truss Telescope
24" Truss Telescope
32" Truss Telescope

Ruggedized Telescopes

Ruggedized telescopes are fabricated with a Nomex core carbon fiber sandwich for superior rigidity.

10" Ruggedized Telescope
12" Ruggedized Telescope
16" Ruggedized Telescope
16" Sealed Ruggedized Telescope
20" Ruggedized Telescope
24" Ruggedized Telescope
32" Ruggedized Telescope
34" Ruggedized Telescope