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RC10 User's Manual
Collimation Procedure

A disassembly manual is available to current customers upon request.

ASCOM Driver

IC101A Instrument Controller ASCOM Driver, Version 1.0

Note: This ASCOM driver will work with Windows 64-bit operating systems but some customers have encountered a problem when installing the driver. Specifically, the OS reports that the file "msstdfmt.dll" is missing. This problem can be rectified by supplying the missing file using the following steps.

  • Download "msstdfmt.dll" from the Internet. It is readily available. Make sure the file is compatible with your specific OS.
  • Save the file to your Windows subdirectory (c:\Windows")
  • Register the file with Windows by running "regsvr32 c:\windows\msstdfmt.dll" from a command prompt. You must have administration privileges for this to work properly.

Modification of the PC operating system is the responsibility of the individual user. It is beyond the scope of Deep Sky Instruments to provide support or take responsibility for any modifications made to the OS. We will assist you in any way we can but we cannot take responsibility for any adverse consequences. No adverse consequences have ever been reported to us from performing this procedure.

Some customers have reported other difficulties getting the ASCOM driver installed properly but have resolved their issue by reinstalling or updating the ASCOM platform.

Cleaning Optics

There are many tutorials on the cleaning of fine optics available on-line. We recommend Dr. Clay Sherrod's Fine Optics Cleaning Procedure.